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5 Fun And Exciting Places And Activities To Do In Melbourne This Winter

Wouldn’t it be nice to be in the world’s most liveable city having a hot cup of coffee? A place where music and art are present, days are fun and nights are livelier. Melbourne is the perfect place for these things, especially in winter. The cold weather will make your hot coffee tastes better as you watch the busy city streets.  

Winter is coming to Australia. While the city is known for its unique sunny winter, the weather will still be cold. People will start wearing jackets to keep them warm, a perfect time to drink Melbourne coffee and explore the colourful streets of the city. In this article, we will tackle the best things you can do in Melbourne this winter.

Here are my top 5 fun and exciting activities you can do in Melbourne this winter.

Have Fun In One Of The City’s Skating Rink

Snow does come in Australia, although in some parts of the country. If you’re looking for outdoor winter activities in Melbourne, you can head to Mt Baw Baw and Mt Buller. They’re both around 2 to 3 hours drive away from the city, but the perfect place for skiing and snowboarding. However, if you’re travelling with your kids, the best place to go to is the city’s skating rinks.


There are plenty of skating rinks in Melbourne. All of them provide different features that suit every customer. You and your kids will enjoy the famous Ballarat Pop-up Ice Skating Rink. The place is famous for kids during school holidays. It offers toboggan rides, food carts, light installations, and even musicians. It’s a fun and friendly place that your kids will enjoy.

See And Experience The Weekly Events Happening At The Fed Square

One of the best places to go to in Melbourne this winter. The Federation Square is home to the city’s utmost cultural attractions. The area also features weekly events, restaurants, specialty stores and bars. It’s the cultural heart of the city, so, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’re going to find colourful displays or art, fashion and music in the area.  


Festivals, events, and different activities are held in the area, all year round. I suggest taking the time to make it to one event, there’s a list of Melbourne winter events this 2019 and you don’t want to miss them out.

Relax And Warm Up At The City’s First Ever Cat Cafe

Melbourne is famous for its coffee. There’s a huge number of cafes that you can find in the city. However, there’s a unique cafe that is perfect for people who love cats. The felines you’ll see once you’re at the cafe are from rescued homes. This gives the customers the idea that all cats deserve love regardless of their looks, breed, and condition. Many of the cats here like sleeping and hiding.


Given that this is Melbourne’s first ever cat cafe, it’s surprisingly clean. You’ll never have to worry about fur getting into your coffee, it’s a clean place for both cats and customers. It’s one of the unique ways of spending your time in Melbourne this winter.

Watch A Movie At The Melbourne International Film Festival

During winter, the city plays host to the world’s best films. Since 1960, the Melbourne International Film Festival has been showcasing international films. These films vary from international, short and family-friendly, and documentaries. It’s one of the best places for you and your family who wanted to experience a comfy winter in the city.

The Melbourne International Film Festival starts from August 2nd to August 19th. You can choose from different film genres available for a very cheap price. You may want to purchase a festival pass instead of buying a ticket to individual sessions. This is as a festival pass can get you an entry to all the events MIFF will feature.

Enjoy A Warm And Exciting Winter At The Night Market

Your stay in the city will never be the same if you haven’t gone into the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market. It’s a fantastic place to get the freshest produce. You can also grab a cup of warm chocolate, hot cider or mulled wine as you explore the area. In winter, the area is filled with an endless array of street food stalls, as well as souvenir shops and clothing and jewellery stalls.

This is one of the best winter activities you can experience in Melbourne. Experience different cuisines, music and art as you enter the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market. This event happens every Wednesday night from 5 pm to 10 pm. The Winter Night Market will begin from June 3 to August 26.


Melbourne is one of the world’s most liveable cities. It’s a place full of art, music, food and good coffee. And while Melbourne is known for its unpredictable weather, the winter here is cold. You’ll find everyone covered in jackets to keep them warm from the crisp weather. It’s the perfect season to sip more coffee to keep you warm in Melbourne this winter.

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