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Try To Visit These Places In Sydney This Winter

Being one of the most famous cities in Australia, there’s a lot of things you can do in Sydney this winter. The city is the perfect place to go to if you wanted to spend the season in warm and cozy weather. In this article, I will show you a list of some of the best places to go to in Sydney this cold season. These places are perfect for both adults and kids and will make your stay memorable.

From restaurants to museums, to the best party place and winter festivals. Here are my top 5 best places to go to in Sydney this winter.

Start Off By Walking From Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is one of the famous beaches in the city. While the weather in Sydney becomes a bit chilly in the winter, I still suggest taking a walk from Bondi to Bronte. Winter is the best season to walk on these beaches as you’re more likely to catch whales along the coast. Yes, whales.


Whale migration in Sydney starts from May to November, and the best time to see them is between June and July. I added this as one of the winter activities you can do in Sydney as the season starts from June to August.

Visit The Sealife Sydney Aquarium

If you haven’t got enough of the whale spotting in Bondi Beach, then head on to the Sealife Sydney Aquarium. It is located next to Darling Harbour. It’s one of the biggest aquariums in Australia displaying more than 700 species. It’s a perfect place for your kids as they will have the chance to see penguins, dugongs, sharks and so much more. The aquarium opens at 10 am and closes by 6 pm. While winter doesn’t give Sydney crisp and freezing weather, it’s still advisable to bring a jacket.

Meet Celebrities At Madame Tussauds

The best way to make your friends jealous of your winter vacation in Sydney is by telling them you’ve met the stars. This would be possible if you have photos to show. The famous Madame Tussaud’s wax sculptures in Sydney can help you with this. Wax figures of different celebrities can be found and you’ll have the chance to take a photo with them too. Aside from wax figures, the place also features different activities. It’s the best red carpet experience for you in Sydney this winter.

Explore The Sydney Opera House


Your trip to the city won’t be complete without visiting one of its iconic landmarks. The Sydney Opera House is home to over 1,600 concerts per year. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney and Australia. Get tickets for you and your family and experience world-class concerts held inside. You’ll be amazed at how elegant the Opera Houses’ architecture is. It’s one way of enjoying your stay in Sydney this winter season.

Have A Better View Of Sydney From Above

You’re going to have an incredible 360 view of Sydney this winter if you’re going to the city’s Tower Eye Observation Deck. It’s the highest observation deck in the city, standing as tall as 882.5 ft. it’s also known to be one of the safest buildings ever constructed. From up the observatory deck, you’ll see the famous landmarks or Sydney. Put this in your list of things and activities to do in Sydney This Winter.


It’s true that winter in Sydney does not provide cold and chilly weather. However, this is one of the best reasons why it’s perfect to spend your winter in the city. You’ll have the chance to explore the city and even swim at the beaches without worrying about being cold. So grab your tickets and pack, and travel all the way to Australia to experience these activities in Sydney this cold season.  


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