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Best Winter Destinations In Australia That You Should Visit

When you think of Australia, what comes first into your mind? Crystal-clear beaches? Kangaroos? Warm weather throughout the year? What if I tell you that Australia is also the best place for winter? That it does snow in some parts of the country and you can do several activities. In this article, we will tackle the winter destinations in Australia that you should never miss.



From skiing spots to the best hotels and getaways, you can explore. I will give you a list of the best places in Australia to visit this winter. These include accommodations and activities that will make your winter holidays in Australia exciting.

Here are my 3 best winter destinations in Australia.

Moonbah Huts – Perfect For That Serene And Cosy Winter Experience

Imagine yourself living inside a rustic cattleman’s hut. You’re sitting in front of the fireplace while sipping a nice hot drink. Outside, you’re surrounded by 250 acres of snow, with trees and lake to give you that countryside-vibe. Quite relaxing isn’t it? Well, this is one of the best features Moonbah Huts offered.

There are two Moonbah Huts, the Lake and River hut. Both are 100 metres away from each other and varies in their accommodation limit. The Lake Hut can accommodate 4 people while the River Hut can serve 5. Expect the best services once you’ve reached these huts. Both huts provide both wood-fired cooking stoves and twin electric hotplates. Luxe beddings are also provided, as well as a small fridge and all sorts of cookware.  



There are lots of activities to do. These suits all ages and will make your winter holidays in Australia fun. You and your family and friends can enjoy a helicopter scenic joy flights provided by Heli Fun in Lake Jindabyne. Other activities include bikes, water skiing and windsurfing.

The Lake Hut has a minimum stay of 2 nights with prices ranging from $245-$395 per night. The River Hut also has a minimum stay of 2 nights with rates ranging from $295-$595 per night. Prices vary depending on the number of guests and duration of stay for both huts. I recommend including this in the bucket list of your dream winter destinations in Australia.

Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa – Relax And Unwind

This is the perfect place if you’re looking for an out-of-town lakeside ambience this winter. Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa offers outstanding views and services. It’s a perfect place for families and friends who wanted to spend their holidays near the mountains and wildlife. The resort is situated in the Thredbo Valley, outside the National Park.

When it comes to activities, the resort offers a variety that fits all ages. These include:

  • The Spa
  • Indoor Pools
  • Playground
  • Segway Tours
  • Mountain Bike Tracks
  • Skiing (or Sailing in summertime)

The views from the Thredbo Valley and the resort’s outstanding services should make your holidays special. You should ask this wonderful place in your bucket list of the best winter destinations in Australia.



Price starts at $215 per person, with a minimum stay of 3 days and 2 nights. Prices may vary depending on your accommodation. Prices are also subject to change depending on the number of guests. Firewood for the rooms costs $25 a bag, it might sound a bit expensive the experience is definitely worth it.

Falls Creek – The Place For All Snow Games And Activities

Located in Victoria and considered as the state’s largest alpine resort. The place accommodates all ages and is perfect for thrill seekers. There are many activities to do in Falls Creek. These activities are perfect for all ages and vary for both winter and summer.



Accommodations and food will not be a problem as a huge number of hotels can be found in the area. Restaurants and diners are present too!. Here are some of the activities you and your family (including kids) can enjoy at Falls Creek.

  • Activities For Kids – Aside from building a snowman, kids can also try skiing, snow bocce and snow biking. Your children can also try the scenic chairlift ride or watch the night show & fireworks on Thursdays. They can also meet up with Pete the Snow Dragon every Tuesdays.
  • Family-friendly Snow Activities – Snow Tubing, Tobogganing, and Night skiing. These are a few of the many activities you can enjoy while you’re on Falls Creek. This also includes their Hotham Helitour which gives a scenic view of the alpine while on a helicopter.
  • Upgrade Your Winter Sports Skills – Your skills will achieve an upgrade as you play inside Falls Creek’s terrain parks. You can also try snowmobiling in the area. Fat Biking and Night skiing will also give an exciting experience of snow in Australia.

Accommodation rates vary depending on your preference. There’s a huge list of apartments, lodges and hotels in the area. Price starts at a low $35 to a high of $345. Prices on renting snow gears also are subject to change.


While Australia is known for its sunny winter, there are also places in the country where snow is present. Thus, this gives Australians the leisure and fun to spend the holidays in a cold and exciting way. Try and explore these places that I’ve listed and discover the best winter destinations in Australia.  

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