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4 Cheap Travel Destinations In Australia This 2019

Australia has become one of the most travelled countries in the world. The country offers a wide list of outstanding tourist destinations. You can choose from beaches to heritage sites, there are tons of places to choose from. However, it’s better if you discover these places without breaking the bank. In this article, I will show you my top cheap travel destinations in Australia.


This list varies from top-rated to underrated but scenic destinations. These places will help you find the best places in Australia while you’re travelling on a budget. Travelling doesn’t always mean you should waste a lot of money. Spending less as you travel should always be your priority.  

Here are my top 4 cheap travel destinations in Australia that you should visit.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Yarra Valley

The best way to catch the beautiful landscapes of Australia is by seeing it from above. The city of Melbourne offers a hot-air balloon ride for customers who wished to see Victoria’s best winery regions. Located at 12 St Huberts, Rd, Coldstream in Victoria. The ride offers a stunning view of the area’s scenic landscapes and vineyards.


The balloon ride can cost for up to $203, but the experience and the breathtaking view below will make it worthy. I suggest booking a ride beforehand. It’s best to greet the morning sun while you ride a massive hot-air balloon, so you might as well schedule your trip in the morning. It’s one of the best travel tips I can recommend in Australia.

Drive Along The Routes Of The Great Ocean Road

Driving can help you explore Australia the fastest. However, wouldn’t it be great if you find yourself driving in one of the world’s most spectacular driving routes? The great ocean road is one of Australia’s cheapest tourist destination. If you’re planning on exploring the country, driving along this road is perfect.


I’ve mentioned this in one of my cheap travel hacks in Australia articles and I would never get tired mentioning this. Driving along the Great Ocean Road will always be the cheapest way of exploring the coastal wonders and nature of Australia. Imagine yourself driving along a long road of 300 kilometres. Its main attraction is the country’s southeast coast, which gives off a relaxing ambience.

Another thing this road gives is the availability to stop over different towns, national parks and other tourist destinations. You’ll also have the chance to visit different shops, restaurants and other cheap accommodations for you to relax.   

The Queen Victoria Night Market

Regardless of the season, the Queen Victoria Night Market in Melbourne is the perfect place for good food and entertainment. Various cuisines can be found here. From street foods down to fine dining meals served at different stalls in the area, QVM has it all. Stalls that sell different souvenirs can also be found here.  


At the Queen Victoria Night Market, you’ll find yourself eating the best grub or having a nice cold drink. Sip a nice coffee and listen to the music played by buskers in the area. It’s an experience worth doing over and over again. Why? Because things here can be bought at a lower price.

Cool Off The Hot Weather While You’re In The City

Brisbane is a city which resides near Australia’s great beaches. Regardless of your location, it will take at least an hour or two if you’re planning on going to the Gold Coast for a swim. Fortunately, the city has the Streets Beach. The world’s first ever man-made beach that sits in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.


And to make things better, the Streets Beach is open for the public for free. You can dive, swim or soak under the sun without paying anything. And because of its outstanding design, you’ll feel like you’re really on a regular beach. It’s one of the best travel spots in Australia that offers free access.  


To be honest, there’s more to this list and telling you about them would take so much time. These places are some of the best travel destinations in Australia for people on a budget. These can help you explore Australia in a cheaper but memorable way. Try including these places in your list of all the best destinations you should visit in Australia.

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