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Cheap Travel Tips To Australia For First-time Travellers

Australia has always been one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s perfect for adventure, great food and scenic environment. However, travelling there might be a little bit expensive, especially if it’s going to be your first time. I made a list of some of the cheapest travel tips to Australia. You might be able to use some of these tips once you’re in the country.


While travelling is a nice and exciting experience, going to Australia is a lot better. You’ll be able to witness the beauty of nature, historical arts, and culture. You’ll be able to taste some of Australia’s fine cuisines and street food. It’s an all-in-one package experience. So, aside from packing light, here are some tips that might be useful once you travel to Australia.

Here are my 4 cheap travel tips to Australia for first-timers.

Plan Your Trip

Well, travelling requires planning, especially if you’re on a budget. The idea here is for you to make a list of all the places you can visit once you reached Australia. Thus, this will give you an idea of what accommodation to choose, as well as activities you can do while you’re there.


By planning your trip, you’ll be able to choose which airline to pick. This also gives you the chance to choose the best time and season for your trip. Keep in mind that airlines offer discounts as the season changes, so, you might as well check them.

Check The Things And Places To See Across Australia

You might be aware of the different tourist attractions in the country, but visiting them requires a lot of money. Tourists attractions require booking and reservations which costs money. Chances are, the popular the attraction is, the more expensive booking prices would be.


Not to mention the other stuff that you’re going to buy once you’re in the area. There’s a possibility that food and souvenirs will also be expensive. So it’s best to do some research that’ll give you the best travel experience without overspending. For example, instead of going to the Bondi beach, you can try going to the Coastal walks. It’s a gorgeous walk between the Bondi beach around to Tamarama.


You can also make a research of the best and effective travel guide in Australia. Choose the best and cheapest places in Australia that can help you achieve an efficient and less-expensive travel experience.

Choose The Right Transportation

Travelling across Australia is not an easy task, especially if you’re on a budget. The cheapest way to explore the wonders of Australia is by public transportation. You can ride the bus, the train, or even the tram. Keep in mind that you also have to make a research about their price range.


Some public transportation requires a card instead of paying with real money. There are also buses that offer a free ride for tourists who wanted to have short-stops at some of Australia’s tourist attractions.


These buses are available in some cities in Australia. It’s one of my best travel tips if you wanted to see Melbourne or Sydney’s tourist attractions while you’re in Australia.


Different cuisines can also be found in Australia. It’s best to try what the locals eat instead of booking a table to the fanciest restaurant in the area. You’ll have a better understanding of why do the locals love eating a certain kind of grub. From drinks down to diners, you’ll be surprised at the vast choices you’ll have in Australia.


You better start looking for Queen Victoria Market if you’re staying in Melbourne. It’s the perfect place if you’re looking for the freshest produce. They also have a night market which makes the area more interesting. Tons of food stalls and souvenir shops can be found. You’ll also be amazed at how lively the night market is as buskers play their way out to entertain people.


From street foods and full mean diners, you’ll find everything in Queen Victoria Market. It’s also one of the places in the country where food is good but also cheap. Include this in your list as you travel in Australia.


These tips can help you achieved the best travel experience in Australia. The fact that you’re exploring its wonders in the cheapest way will always be the best. Try these tips and enjoy the beauty of Australia. Remember: travelling is good, but spending less while travelling is better.

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