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Kids Will Be Loving These 5 Destinations In Australia

Australia is perfect for family travel. The sub-tropical weather makes the journey fun and exciting. Regardless of where you’re going to spend your vacation, it will be full of surprises. National parks, beaches, mountains and even the rich forests–Australia has it all. However, you must also think about the safety of your kids while you’re in Australia. In this article, I will give you some of the best places in the country perfect for you and your children.

From Amusement parks to malls, your kids will be loving these places in Australia. Aside from the scenic views, your kids will also have fun playing in these destinations. Here are my 5 destinations for your kids in Australia.

The Kangaroo Island

Your kids will love this place, as they get to see a huge number of kangaroos on the wild. They will also have the chance to see koalas on the trees. It’s a perfect place for outdoor kids who wanted to play around under the sun. Aside from these, Kangaroo Island also offers a wide range of activities.

kangaroo island

You and your kids can go star-gazing as you camp at Pennington Bay, take a penguin tour, and check out rocks in Flinders Chase National Park. So, make sure you’ll include this place as you plan your vacation with your kids in Australia.  

Check Some Of Gold Coast’s Theme Parks

Aside from its beaches, the Gold Coast is also home to Australia’s best theme parks. There are five major destinations to choose from. You can start with the infamous Dreamworld, then you can continue exploring the WhiteWater World, Sea World, Wet n’ Wild and the Movie World.

Gold Coast theme parks

Let your kids have fun with these massive theme parks, where they can play and enjoy. Let them ride the exciting rides on the area, eat delicious grubs and even meet some of their favourite cartoon characters. It’s going to be a magical experience for your kids while they are in Australia.


The city wouldn’t be tagged as one of the world’s most liveable city if it’s not family-friendly. Melbourne is a city fused with the combinations of art, music and great coffee. It’s also home to some of Australia’s heritage and cultural sites. Your kids will be amazed by how beautiful the buildings in the city are and how colourful the graffitis posted on its walls.


You and your kids can ride the City Circle Tram, a free tram ride which drives tourists to the city’s cultural sites. Your kids can enjoy exploring some of Melbourne’s museum, art galleries and libraries. This might sound a bit exhausting, but hey, you can enjoy a cup of the city’s coffee once the day is done.

Falls Creek

Since winter is coming to Australia, it’s best to let your kids enjoy a snowy adventure. Situated at the Alpine National Park in Victoria, the Falls Creek offers a wide variety of snow activities. Aside from making a snowman, your kids can enjoy snow tubing or even skiing. The place offers skiing lessons and even snowboarding.

falls creek

As for adults, you can enjoy the same activities with snowmobiling and riding Falls Creek’s chairlifts. Snow gears are also available for rent, which makes travelling easy. You won’t have to think about the huge luggage from winter gears as they are already there in the vicinity. Make sure to check the Falls Creek for you and your kids to enjoy winter in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road

Your adventure in Australia will never be complete if you haven’t driven across the Great Ocean Road. It’s the country’s most scenic road, which gives access to the country’s best tourist destinations. Your kids will love the beauty of nature as they gaze upon the coast as you drive. Forests, heritage sites, and accommodations can be found along the way so driving won’t be as dull as you imagine.

great ocean road

You can start by stopping over Bells Beach for some beach experience, surfing lessons are also available here for your kids. Then you can take a rest at Port Campbell. Your kids will love the Chocolate Factory which is a Chololaterie and Ice Creamery with a large space for your kids to play. It’s a sweet haven for your kids and I’m sure you’ll love their chocolates too!


When it comes to travelling, it’s always the children who get to enjoy too much. They are the ones who simply can’t control themselves to be fascinated by the simplest things. Your kids will definitely love their stay in Australia, especially if you visit these places I’ve listed.

So there you have it, my 5 cheapest and best places, you and your kids will love in Australia.    


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